My Hormone Power Plan (Audio Download)

My Hormone Power Plan (Audio Download)
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You don’t have to miss out on Dr. Vliet’s life changing health information. If you want to learn how to prevent your hormones from sabotaging your efforts to looking and feeling good…you can now LISTEN to Dr. Vliet's ground breaking program, Your Hormone Power PlanTM, on a convenient MP3 format.

Play it in your car while “waiting” for all those traffic delays, play it on your iPOD® while you are exercising…. anywhere you want to listen to up-to-date medical and lifestyle strategies to feel better and have more energy!

  • Learn how to balance your hormones so they are working with, not against you!

  • Learn the secrets of balancing your proteins, fats and carbohydrates to rev up your metabolism!

  • Stimulate the fat-burning power of exercise for long term success!

Your Hormone Power PlanTM is a solution designed to last a lifetime. A plan that will help you get your hormones in balance so that your diet and exercise efforts can be effective! So don’t wait any longer…take Dr. Vliet with you on the road and get going on the journey to a new you!

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